I am fascinated by the play of wind and light on surfaces, especially water, and trying to capture a unique and fleeting moment when all the elements align in a particular way, never to be repeated.  I am drawn to the beauty of nature, both vistas and more minute detail. Some slant of light, intensity of color, complexity of texture, elegance of line or moment of stillness beckons me to take a shot. Often I go back to the same places at different times of day. Tides and winds, seasons and variations in weather, clouds and light endlessly remake familiar landscapes.

My work explores the tension between surface and depth,  motion and stillness, realism and abstraction. I enjoy capturing complex and layered images that both reveal and conceal the nature of what is being photographed. I particularly love photographing reflections in water. The images I see and capture exist for a moment only. Then  the wind picks up, the water moves, and the image changes into something else.